PinPoint VHF Download Solar

  • GPS locations downloadable over VHF radio – now with Solar cells!

    Accurate, automated GPS locations are taken at times/dates programmed by you, to meet the requirement of your study. The locations can then be remotely downloaded with our VHF PinPoint Command Unit, when you want to with no need to recapture your animal. The solar cells then use light to recharge the battery for detection of the next locations and data relay. These tags weigh from just 6g.

    Great for:

    • Species with good exposure to light
    • Species that are difficult to recapture
    • Periodic data collection during your study
    • Species prone to disturbance

    For PinPoint VHF Download tags without Solar, please see PinPoint VHF Download.

    • Flexible, user-programmable GPS & VHF Download schedule
    • Lightweight, easy to use PinPoint Commander
    • Tag automatically recharged by solar cells
    • Built-in attachment point for harness
    • Various customisable options for your chosen species – see our Solar Tag Design page
  • Provisional Model Specifications

    Model PinPoint VHF Download
    Solar - S
    PinPoint VHF Download
    Solar - M
    PinPoint VHF Download
    Solar - L
    Weight * ~6g ~11g ~16g
    Estimated number of locations Contact one of our Avian Telemetry Specialists for estimates.
    Dependent on insolation and GPS acquisition time
    Base dimensions (mm) 40 x 18 60 x 22 80 x 25
    Height dimensions † From 11mm - Tag body height & dome shape customised to order
    Data download By Argos Satellite - Regular, automated data transfer
    By VHF Radio - Schedulable, on demand data download in the field
    Rechargeable Solar panel recharging
    Operating temperature -5°C to +50°C
    Antenna * 5cm GPS antenna
    18cm Argos antenna
    Waterproofing Splash dive tolerant
    Warranty** 80% of Estimated Life, to a Maximum Warranty Period of 6 months

    Please also see our Solar Tag Design page for more information on the customisable options we offer.

    † Contact your telemetry specialist to further discuss these options and their impact on tag size and weight.

    * Listed weights include tube/attachment points for fitting harnesses, flat dome design and standard antennas.

    ** All PinPoint Tags are Warrantied to be free of defects in materials and workmanship under Normal Use for a period of 80% of Estimated Life for the first deployment schedule, unless otherwise specified, to a specified Maximum Warranty Period. The Tags should function (meaning to charge and take fixes) for the entirety of the Tag’s Warranty Period. For Remote Download PinPoint Tag Models (Argos, Iridium, VHF, or GSM) the customer must prove that the Tag is in circumstances where it has had a good opportunity to collect GPS locations and where data reception is possible via the applicable method, in order to make a valid warranty claim. For Solar Models, during periods of low sunlight (seasonal, behavioural, or environmentally based), Tags must be allowed a reasonable amount of time to recharge. The onus is on the Customer to mount the Tags in a manner that leaves the solar panels exposed (not covered by the animal). No Signal Protection (for PinPoint Argos Tags end transmission only) - Customer's may choose to purchase No Signal Protection. If there is no signal during the specified Warranty Life, provided the schedule would indicate a transmission during that period.

    Specifications correct as of October 2017

  • PinPoint Solar Argos or VHF Download product sheet

    Please also see our Solar Tag Design page for more information on the customisable options we offer.

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