Yagi Antenna
Dipole Antenna
Magmount Antenna
  • Biotrack supplies two models of Yagi antenna. Both antennas give excellent performance, and are light-weight and robust. They have a number of novel features that set them apart from other designs. One Yagi has conventional rigid elements, and the other has flexible elements that fold on impact and automatically spring back into position afterwards. The antenna with rigid elements can be dismantled easily for transportation and storage. In common with most good Yagi designs, these antennas are ‘matched’ to the standard 50 ohms input impedance of radio-tracking receivers. However, the matching is achieved by ‘inductive coupling’ via internal windings that are sealed within the central element. This avoids the need for a more cumbersome external device such as a gamma-match. Both antennas have user-replaceable leads.

    Yagi antenna
  • Dipole antennas are often used for static logging VHF systems. This type of antenna is omni-directional, so you cannot get a direction from it, but it will let you know whether a tag is within range.

  • Magmount Antenna
    Description Hi-strength magnetic base, 6 rare earth magnets fully overmoulded. 6mm thread for 6ML whip adaptor. Base diameter 70mm
    Frequency UHF,VHF,
    Polarity N/A
    Gain N/A
    Dimensions Height: N/A    Width: N/A    Diameter: 70 MM
    Cable 5.00 metres of RG58CU
    Power 40 Watts
    Impedance 50 Ohm
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