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Argos Marine

KiwiSat K2G
KiwiSat K2G - Long Life
  • We supply marine Argos systems manufactured by Sirtrack.

    The KiwiSAT Argos Marine system is a global satellite location service delivering the transmitter's position and sensor data to the user's desktop.

    KiwiSAT Argos Marine
  • KiwiSat K2G

    The KiwiSat 202 series is an innovative, lightweight series of marine tracking products available for glue-on attachment, making them ideal for animals such as sea turtles and penguins.
    Product weight: 32 - 165g

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  • KiwiSat K2G - Long Life

    The new long life KiwiSat K2G models of Argos transmitters are more than a replacement for the trusted workhorse KiwiSat 101. The new transmitters embody everything that gave the KiwiSat 101 their solid reliability and more. They are smaller and lighter and yet offer equally long deployments on marine turtles and pinnipeds.
    Product weight: 260 - 400g

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  • KiwiSat K2F

    The KiwiSat 202 is an innovative, lightweight series of marine tracking products. The K2F series are available as fin tags for attachment to the dorsal fin of animals such as dolphin and whales.

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