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Argos Collars

  • Lotek's ArgosTrack

    Wildlife Collars with Remote Communication via Argos

    We supply Lotek's ArgosTrack automatic tracking and monitoring systems. They provide position and other sensor data ideally suited to wildlife behaviour and habitat utilization studies.

  • Based on the field proven design of our GPS systems, Lotek Wireless Inc. is pleased to introduce its newest addition to the satellite tracking product family.

    The newest family members are ArgosTrack and GPS Argos wildlife collars. ArgosTrack are typical Argos positioning transmitters, whereas GPS Argos are GPS dataloggers which transmit GPS locations through the Argos system.

    ArgosTrack collar weight starts at 250 grams and GPS Argos start at about 450 grams. Operating life can extend up to 2 years depending upon model, position and communication schedule.

    GPS Argos is an Argos communication option available with GPS 4400 series.

    All collars are offered with or without remote self-release mechanisms, and feature user replaceable battery packs.

    Lotek offers unlimited support and a full one year warranty on all our equipment.

  •    ArgosTrackSD ArgosTrackM
    Argos sattelite system coverage
    The collar contains: ArgosTrack
    VHF tracking beacon
    Temperature sensor
    Activity sensor
    Option Drop off compatible
    Total collar weight
    (dependent on belt type and size)
    (dependent on belt type and size)
    Field replaceable battery pack 3B50 3B57
    Field programmable
    (via cable)
    Argos communication schedule and VHF beacon schedule
    Operational life1
    1 year2

    2 years2

    3 years2

    Argos transmissions 8 hours/day

    Argos transmissions 8 hours/every other day

    Argos transmissions 22 hours/day

    Argos transmissions 10 hours/day

    Argos transmissions 7 hours/day
    Positions accuracy 150m
    Operating temperature range -30°C to +50°C
    VHF beacon frequency 148-174 MHz

    1. Battery life estimates may fluctuate due to variance in individual battery capacity as per manufacturer, as well as operating conditions including ambient temperature, landscape, species, etc.
    2. Estimates are based on 90 sec. repetition rate.

  • ArgosTrack product sheet (PDF).

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