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Biothane Collars

  • Biothane collars

    Collars are the predominant way of radio-tagging mammals, except for mammals whose necks are wider than their head. For large mammals, durability and a range of adjustable sizes are important. Other materials are possible for large collars. Please contact us to discuss your ideas.

    Suitable for medium and large mammals. Biothane collars are both flexible and tough, but do not degrade like leather and can not be frayed like braided nylon. Having been developed and used in horse equipment the edges are rounded and so comfortable for most mammals. They are secured with a bolt on the side of the tag, making them highly adjustable. Alternative connections with cable-ties - for a speedy attachment - have been tried, so please ask if you want to try.

    Popular for Deer, Monkey, Genet, Marten, Fox & other large Carnivores

  • Comfort: Very flexible and rounded edged material designed for animals
    Durability: High
    Fastening: Bolt plate
    Antenna: Whip
    Weight: 35g – 230g

    Sensing options available with these VHF transmitters include Posture Sensing, Activity Sensing and/or Mortality Sensing, or Temperature Sensing, depending on the transmitter type.

  • Transmitter Weight (g) No. cells Battery Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Estimated tag life -
    20ms/50ppm **
    Estimated tag life -
    12ms/30ppm **
    Light Usual Heavy*              
    TW-3 34 35 40 1 10-28 36 20 20 7.6 months 1.5 years
    TW-3 42 45 50 1 1/2AA 39 28 25 1.4 years 3.2 years
    TW-3 50 55 65 1 2/3AA 44 28 25 2.3 years 5 years
    TW-3 65 75 85 2 1/2AA 39 35 25 2.6 years 5.5 years
    TW-3 110 130 230 2 2/3AA 44 35 25 4 years 8 years
    TW-3 120 140 270 1 AA 64 28 25 2.9 years 6 years
    TW-3 130 150 280 2 AA 64 35 25 5 years 9 years

    * “Light” “Usual” and “Heavy” refer to the potting, i.e., the protective layer around the transmitter and cell. Tags that might get chewed, or are likely to be submerged, need heavy potting, whereas small birds need tags to be potted lightly, because they are unlikely to damage the tag and it is important to keep the weight down.

    ** All of our radio tags are made to order so the pulse rate (milliseconds) and pulse length (pulses per minute) can be customised for lifespan/detection range. Please see the tag chooser or contact one of our Technical Sales Advisors for more information.

    To see ranges (line of sight, above ground and ground to ground) please use our Tag Chooser.

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Transmitters by Attachment Type
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