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Bird Legmounts - VHF

  • They are not commonly used, but have proved useful for raptors and long-legged waders. Generally they are the last resort if the tail feathers are not fully developed and a harness is regarded as too risky. Care is required to ensure that the antenna does not get in the way of a walking bird. They are not likely to last as long as other tags, especially in raptors, because they are in prime position for being pulled at.

  • Bird legmounts features


    Sensing options available with these VHF transmitters include Posture Sensing, Activity Sensing and/or Mortality Sensing, or Temperature Sensing, depending on the transmitter type.

  • For more specifications and help choosing the right model, please see our Tag Chooser or contact one of our Technical Sales Advisors, who would be happy to help.

Transmitters by Attachment Type
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