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Bird Necklaces - VHF

  • Biotrack necklace tags were first developed for pheasants, Phasianus colchicus but have now become the standard radio tag for most game birds in projects throughout Western Europe. In two large-scale studies comparing survival rates between groups of pheasants equipped with either harness-mounted dummy backpacks, dummy necklaces or leg bands, there was no difference in survival rates.

    We recommend necklace tags weighing 2-3% of body weight for most Galliformes, but please contact us before ordering.

    Applicable tags: Transmitters that use a necklace attachment include the Pip, PicoPip and TW-3 tags.

  • Bird necklace features


    Sensing options available with these VHF transmitters include Posture Sensing, Activity Sensing and/or Mortality Sensing, or Temperature Sensing, depending on the transmitter type.

  • To look at other tag lives with better ranges, please use the Tag Chooser.

Transmitters by Attachment Type
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