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  • Video camera collarSee what they see!

    We are pleased to supply the Lotek video camera collar, the first of its kind for wildlife. These animal collars have a built-in video camera that allows you to capture footage from the field and see what your animals see in the wild.


  • Applications for the video camera collar include:

    • Predation variety, timing & efficiency
    • Inter-species interaction
    • Family, sibling & intra-species interaction
    • Pack or herd coherence & behaviour
    • Human/wildlife conflicts & interaction
    • Foraging bite rate & estimate of calorie consumption
    • Highway corridor & transmission line impacts
    • Daily/seasonal solitary species behaviour


  • Dimension Length 79 mm
    Width 121 mm
    Depth 67 mm
    Weight (Including Housing) Camera unit only 440 g
    6000 Series 6000MC
    7000 Series 7000UC
    8000 Series 8000AUC
    WildCell Series WildCellC
    ArgosTrack Series ArgosTrackC
    GlobalStar Series GlobalStar Track C
    Iridium Series IridiumTrack MC
    VHF Radio Collars LMRT-4C
    Camera Battery Operational Life 1 Month* 10 seconds every 5 minutes 24 hours per day or
    60 seconds every 15 minutes 12 hours per day
    6 Months* 10 seconds every 15 minutes 10 hours per day
    9 Months* 10 seconds every 60 minutes 10 hours per day
    Camera Video Downloading Current Model Lotek site
    Camera Setup Current Model By Lotek
    Recording Length 10, 20, 30, 60 and 120 seconds**
    Recording Interval 1, 2, 5, 15, 30 and 60 minutes**
    Video Sensor: Color CMOS
    Resolution 640X480
    Audio Microphone Built in
    Storage SDHC 16GB
    Environmental Operating Temperature -20˚C to 50˚C
    Humidity 5%-95%
    Data Retention Range -25˚C to 55˚C
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