Delivery / lead time
Please contact us as soon as possible to ensure delivery in time. By our standard delivery, tags are sent out eight weeks after receiving an order. During March to July our schedule can get full even further in advance. However, we can often build tags at much shorter notice, so please let us know even if you think the time is too short. It is very helpful for us to plan ahead so, even if you are unsure of funding, we would like you to let us know what you might need. We can then make a provisional order which can be altered or cancelled easily nearer the time.

PLEASE NOTE: We must know the frequencies you are working with as soon as possible if we are to deliver tags on time.

How will my equipment be delivered?
Often we can use the ordinary post; it works well and is economic. However there are occasions when couriers must be used due to the location, insurance or time constraints. We prefer to use couriers of our own choice as we have experience with them in particular regions, and have better deals on those we use most. However, in places where we deliver infrequently, customers are more knowledgeable about which couriers work best. In that case, please give us your preferred courier and we will see what can be done.


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