GPS Collars

GPS tracking uses the global positioning system of satellites to determine the precise location of the animal. Locations are logged and can then be downloaded in various ways. Our sister company, Lotek, has specialised in GPS collars for over 15 years. Biotrack is now supplying a range of these collars in Europe.

Follow the following links for details about specific GPS collars:

Camera Collars
These animal collars have a built-in video camera that allows you to capture footage from the field and see what your animals see in the wild.

Drop-off Mechanism
Mechanisms that allow you to recover your animal tracking collar without the complexity and expense of recapturing the animal.

Globalstar Track Collars
Wildlife collars with remote downloading via Globalstar, available on a broad range of collar sizes.

GPS 3300 Collars
Lotek’s lightest remote tracking collar to date, capable of collecting up to 1728 data records per battery pack.

GPS 6000 Collars
These collars feature store-on-board datalogging and a compact, light-weight design that's ideal for use on smaller animals.

GPS 7000 Collars
GPS 7000 Series collars can collect up to 17,000 data records and feature UHF radio or Argos transmitters and user-replaceable batteries.

GPS 8000 Collars
The GPS 8000 Series offers two remote communication options to provide you with more convenience when downloading the collar's data records.

Iridium Collars
These wildlife collars feature 2-way communication via Iridium; models are available from both Lotek and Sirtrack.

LiteTrack Collars
Sirtrack has introduced an innovative family of GPS products (LiteTrack) intended for small mammals. The collars collect positions at users’ specified rate, feature a VHF beacon and are optionally capable of remote download of collected data.

Proximity Collars
This two-collar Proximity Sensor system is designed for studying animal interaction dynamics in a cost-effective manner.

Small WildCell Collars
Weighing as little as 230 grams, WildCell collars let you upload GPS fix schedules and download data & diagnostics with just a cell phone.

WildCell Collars
WildCell collars allow you to upload GPS fix schedules and download data & diagnostics using two-way communication with GSM.

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