GPS 7000 Collars

  • GPS 7000 Collars

    Wildlife Collars with Remote Communication

    We supply Lotek GPS 7000 Series collars, which feature UHF radio or Argos transmitter and user-replaceable batteries.

  • Based on the proven design of our other GPS systems, the GPS 7000 Series of remote tracking collars have user replaceable batteries and can collect up to 17,000 data records.

    Using the high speed UHF modem, data records can be downloaded and schedules can be changed at the user's convenience. For migratory species, a collar can be equipped with an Argos transmitter so that GPS data can be transmitted via satellite and ultimately sent to you at your desk. This significantly improves the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of any wildlife study.

  •   7000MU 7000SU 7000SLU 7000MA 7000SA
    Backwards compatibility with 4400 family1 Please contact Lotek for more details
    Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm)
    Upper Housing
    120 x 86 x 126 69 x 49 x 74   120 x 86 x 126 69 x 49 x 74
        80 x 43 x 43    
        85 x 38 x 48    
    The collar contains GPS receiver (16 channels)
    UHF radio modem
    VHF tracking beacon
    Mortality / Hibernation feature, Temperature, 2 axis activity
    GPS / VHF advanced scheduler
    Advanced differential correction
    Drop off compatibility
    Virtual Fence
    GPS receiver (16 channels)
    VHF tracking beacon
    Argos transmitter
    Mortality / Hibernation feature, Temperature             
    2 axis activity
    GPS / VHF advanced scheduler
    Argos scheduler
    Advanced differential correction
    Drop off compatibility
    Virtual Fence
    Handheld command unit Function: To remotely command, control & interrogate GPS 7000 collars.  Interfaces with PC; includes built-in GPS receiver, electronic compass & rechargeable battery. N/A N/A
    Total collar weight5 Approx. 950g Approx. 350-450g Approx. 300g Approx. 1,250g Approx. 450g
    Operational life/battery pack2
    6 months

    1 year

    2 years

    3 years

    Every 30 min
    (17,520 locations)

    Every 70 min
    (14,600 locations)

    Every 2 h
    (13,140 locations)

    Every 90 min
    ( 5,840 locations)

    Every 6 h
    ( 3120 locations)

    Every 2 hours
    (2,112 locations)

    GPS locations every 1h3
    Argos transmission 6h/2day
    GPS locations every 40min4
    Argos transmission 12h/2day

    GPS locations every 2h3
    Argos transmission  6h/4day
    GPS locations every 5h4
    Argos transmission 12h/4day

    GPS locations every 4h3
    Argos transmission 6h/5day
    GPS locations every 3h4
    Argos transmission 12h/5day

    GPS locations every 3h***
    Argos transmission 6h/5day
    GPS locations every 2h****
    Argos transmission 6h/2day

    GPS locations every 6h***
    Argos transmission 6h/14day
    GPS locations every 6h ****
    Argos transmission 6h/4day
    Data download speed Non differential is 10 records/second (at 2400 baud rate)
    Differential is 3 records/second (at 2400 baud rate)
    N/A N/A
    User replaceable battery pack 3B57 3B50 3B59 3B57 3B50
    User programmable
    Via cable with download link
    GPS & Beacon Schedule / Mortality Delay  / Time GPS & Beacon Schedule / Mortality Delay / Time /
    Argos scheduler
    Field upload by radio GPS & Beacon / Schedules / Time N/A N/A
    Remote download Data & diagnostics
    Data link operating frequency 420-460 MHz N/A N/A
    Data modulation baud rate 2400 baud direct FM N/A N/A
    Approximate UHF range
    (Ground to Air)
    Up to 10 km depending on terrian Up to 5 km N/A N/A
    VHF beacon frequency Customer specified / 148-174 MHz
    Operating temperature range -30˚C to +50˚C
    Software Interface Windows XP® or higher recommended
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