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KiwiSat 303 Argos transmitter

  • KiwiSat 303

    The Sirtrack KiwiSat® 303 Argos transmitter is a development of the KiwiSat® 202 adding more flexible scheduling.

    The transmitter is highly efficient to maximise battery life whilst providing superior location quality.

    Avian KiwiSat® 303s are extremely compact and lightweight.

    The solid-cast construction is designed and tested to withstand anything a bird can throw at it, including the harsh marine environment.

    The KiwiSat® 303 avian transmitter is available in models weighing from as light as 20g (TBC) and is particularly suitable for diving seabirds.

    • Rugged and reliable development of the successful KiwiSat® 202
    • Efficient 500mW transmitter maximises operating life whilst delivering superior position accuracy
    • Extended operating life achieved with user-programmable transmit scheduling
    • Temperature sensor measures local environmental temperature
  • Model Weight (g) Life (days)* L x W x H (mm) Depth (m)
    K3H 154A 20 (estimated) 124 50 x 19.5 x 16.5 200 (TBC)
    K3H 173A 36.5 397 70.5 x 20 x 22.2 200 (TBC)

    * Estimated life calculated for 3 hours transmitting per day with 90 second transmit interval. Maximum theoretical life at 25˚C using cell manufacturers stated capacity. Actual lives may vary at the extremes of the operating temperature range by up to 50%.

    Technical Specifications:
    Operating temperature range: -20˚C to +50˚C
    Argos transmit power: 500mW

    Designed to be rugged, reliable and yet cost effective these products are single use. No repower option is available.

    Options Available:
    User configurable flexible transmit scheduling – allows user to determine Argos transmission schedule for 36 month period.

  • KiwiSat 303 product sheet (PDF).

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