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LAT Viewer Studio

  • LAT Viewer Studio

    LAT Viewer Studio is a Windows based solution for importing, processing and managing data from Lotek Archival tags.

    • Reads binary files produced by other Lotek Wireless Inc. software tools (TagTalk2000, etc.).
    • Provides tabular presentations of the input files in the form of Table Views.
    • Provides a number of summary statistical parameters for imported datasets.
    • Provides users with a number of processing methods, e.g., Template Fit, Sea surface Temperature, that can be applied to imported data to improve position estimates.
    • Graphically presents contents of the input files in the form of more than 5 different miscellaneous Plot Views and Multilayer Map Views with a large number of configurable features.
    • Reads, plots and generates ESRI Shape files.
    • Reads, plots and uses PODAAC Sea Surface Temperature data files.
    • Allows user to export the data in the form of ASCII CSV file format.
    • Allows user to easily restore complex data sets together with graphical settings that have been created in separate processing sessions (facilitates the migration of datasets from user to user or from one database to another).
    • Allows user to query data using the full SQL set of commands.
    • Features multiple databases with database management tools that allow easy backups, restores and transfers.
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