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MCFT2 Series Coded Radio Transmitters

  • MCFT2 Series Coded Radio Transmitters

    MCFT2 Series radio transmitters are designed for operation in Lotek digitally encoded telemetry systems. Based upon a proprietary coding scheme, these systems allow up to 521 transmitters on a single frequency, while retaining the ability to identify individual animals. This capability significantly reduces the need for additional frequencies, with a corresponding reduction in total scan time over conventional pulsed systems. Spatial and temporal resolution is enhanced accordingly.

    Examples of datalogging applications for which MCFT2 Series coded transmitters are ideally suited include:

    • long term (multi-year) studies
    • fish passage evaluation
    • monitoring of fish entrainment around hydro facilities during migration.
  • The use of the latest microprocessor technology results in a significant improvement in efficiency that extends operational life (nearly 100% over comparable models at 5 second burst rate) providing researchers with the option of reduced tag size and decreased impact upon the species of interest.

    The MCFT2 Series also offers advanced and extremely flexible asynchronous ON/OFF and variable burst rate programming. The MCFT2 Series is compatible with sensor technology, including motion and temperature.

    • Operating Frequencies: 140-175 MHz.
    • Typical Frequency Separation: 10 kHz.
    • Activation Programming:
      • delay start
      • definable hourly/daily/weekly activation periods and burst rates
      • Asynchronous programming available
    • All transmitters are activated upon removal of a magnet.
    Model Physical Specifications
    Estimated Life (days)*
    (dia x length)
    Air weight
    2.0 sec.
    5.0 sec.
    MCFT2-3BM 11 x 43 8.0 3.7 184/306 444/723
    MCFT2-3B 14 x 37 9.0 4.0 66/110 160/258
    MCFT2-3EM 12 x 53 10 4.3 219/364 528/860
    MCFT2-3FM 11 x 59 11 4.6 366/609 882/1432
    MCFT2-3LM 12 x 69 13 5.4 340/566 819/1330
    MCFT2-3A 16 x 46 16 6.7 574 1376
    MCFT2-3L 16 x 73 25 11 1241 2929

    * Standard Life/Extended Life
    Physical dimensions and weights are typically within ±3% of listed specification. Periodic design modifications to individual transmitter models may alter specifications. Selection of external attachment design, sensor option or antenna may further affect stated specifications. It is recommended that specifications be confirmed when placing an order. Transmitter operational life may vary, dependent in part upon the conditions to which they are subjected. For this reason, calculated operational life values are specified, based on component specifications and transmitter measurements.
    Warranty life is defined as 80% of the calculated value effective from date of shipment. Any Lotek transmitter found to be defective with respect to material, workmanship or warranty life, will be repaired or replaced subject to Lotek product warranty conditions and limitations.
    Maximum warranty life is three (3) years (1095 days).

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Coded Transmitters
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