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  • Lotek Sensor Transmitter Series

    We supply the Lotek Sensor Transmitter Series, which has expanded to include tags of much smaller size than previously available enabling biologists to collect physiological data (temperature and motion status) on smaller adult and juvenile fish species.

    In addition, the MST-series incorporates advanced programming algorithms to facilitate extended operational life and variable burst rate to match project temporal resolution requirements.

    Based upon field-proven reliable technology deployed at hundreds of application sites over the last decade, the MST-Series of radio transmitters demonstrates Lotek’s ability and commitment to provide telemetry systems that gather data at finer scales of observation and provide deeper insight into fish behavior. Lotek coded sensor transmitters permit multiple uniquely identifiable tags on a single frequency thereby minimizing total scan time and the potential for missed detection.

    • MST-Series radio transmitters are compatible with Lotek SRX 800 radio receivers.
    • Transmission modes available include ID-only or ID plus sensor(s).
    • Sensor configuration include one or two sensors.
    • Activation Programming modes available include Basic (delay, 3 level on/off) and Advanced (burst rate scheduler).
    • Specifications presented for internal implantation. External attachment option available.
    • Also available as a non-coded “beeper”.
  • Model No. Type Size (mm)
    Weight* Calculated Life (days)
        (dia x length) Air (g) 2 sec 5 sec
    MST-720 ID only 7 x 18 1.3 22 50
    MST-820 ID only 8 x 20 2.1 44 100
    MST-930 ID only 9.5 x 26 4.0 117 266
    MST-720-T Temperature 7 x 20 1.4 21 49
    MST-820-T Temperature 8 x 22 2.2 43 97
    MST-930-T Temperature 9.5 x 28 4.0 114 260
    MST-720-M Motion 7 x 28 1.8 21 46
    MST-820-M Motion 8 x 28 2.8 42 92
    MST-930-M Motion 9.5 x 32 4.5 113 245
    MST-720-MT Motion & Temperature 7 x 28 1.8 21 45
    MST-820-MT Motion & Temperature 8 x 28 2.8 42 91
    MST-930-MT Motion & Temperature 9.5 x 32 4.5 111 242

    * Stated weight in air may vary by ±5%


    Temperature sensor range is -6 to +34º C
    Temperature accuracy/resolution is ± 0.8ºC/0.8ºC
    Motion Status is reported as either ID/ID +100 or sensor level 0/1
    Programmable Motion Status sensitivity (1-5), trip point (hours), and latch/reset option

    Transmitter warranty life is computed as 80% of calculated life.
    Maximum warranty is three years, although theoretical operational life estimates may be longer. Any Lotek transmitter found to be defective with respect to materials, workmanship or warranty life will be repaired or replaced subject to Lotek product warranty conditions and limitations.

  • MST Series product sheet

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