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  • The smallest coded radio transmitter in the world

    Introducing the smallest coded radio transmitter in the world: 1/4 gram NTQ

    We supply LOTEK NanoTag Series transmitters, which furnish researchers with a tool to collect previously unavailable data regarding movement of animals in their natural environment.

    The NanoTag Series’ field-proven, energy efficient design delivers a highly stable signal, while its diminutive size and relatively long operational life enable biologists to collect data on smaller species over longer periods than ever before.

    • Infrared activation and deactivation: no magnet required
    • Frequency Tolerance - to <100Hz: stable operation throughout tag life
    • Supports activation programming: extends transmitter's operational life
    • Digitally encoded transmission: multiple detections on a single frequency

    At the heart of the NanoTag-series transmitter is a technological breakthrough in micro-circuitry design. NanoTag brings three distinct technologies, radio, digital processing and infrared, together on a single 2.8mm2 ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) to meet requirements long sought within the fisheries research field. A very small, highly stable and field proven radio transmitter with a long operational life relative to its size is now available.

    NanoTag series radio transmitters are primarily designed for use with LOTEK digitally encoded systems. Based upon a proprietary coding scheme, our coded telemetry systems allow over 500 transmitters to be assigned on a single frequency, while retaining the ability to identify individual animals. This capability significantly reduces the need for additional frequencies over conventional pulsed or beeper systems, with a corresponding reduction in overall scan time. Spatial and temporal resolution are enhanced accordingly.

    Burst rate/intervals selected for the NanoTag transmitter can be specified in 0.1 second increments to best meet application and operational life needs, as well as be programmed for diurnal operation.

  • NanoTag Physical Specifications Calculated Life (days)*
    (w x h x l)
    2.0 sec
    5.0 sec
    10 sec
    NTQ - 1   5 x 3 x 10 0.25 10 21 33
    NTQ - 2   5 x 3 x 10 0.30 16 33 52
    NTC-M-1 5 x 3 x 14 0.37 10 21 33
    NTC-M-2 5 x 3 x 14 0.43 16 33 52
    NTC-M-3 7 x 4 x 15 0.55 20 41 64
    NTC-3-1 6 x 4 x 15 0.80 20 41 64
    NTC-3-2 6 x 4 x 16 1.10 39 80 124
    NTC-4-2S 8 x 15 1.40 79*** 163*** ***
    NTC-4-2L 8 x 18 2.10 79 162 251
    NTC-6-1 9 x 22 2.80 113 232 357
    NTC-6-2 9 x 30 4.30 215 441 678

    * Calculated Life is typical or average life for given model number. Warranty Life is 80% of Calculated Life.
    ** Stated weight in air may vary by ±5%
    *** Maximum warranty life of model NTC-4-2S is 77 days based upon encapsulation method.

    Specifications based on internal implantation. Weight includes battery pack and standard (18 cm) antenna.
    Intended for operation within the temperature range 0º and 35º C.


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Coded Transmitters
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