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SRX 800 - VHF Radio Receiver

  • SRX 800 - VHF Radio Receiver

    (Preliminary product information)
    The Lotek SRX receiver remains the telemetry instrument of choice for tracking fish, wildlife and birds within their natural environment since 1991.

    SRX 800 inherits reliability and sensitivity from predecessors SRX 400 and SRX 600, with additional features, such as simultaneous beeper and coded transmitter tracking, and new, weather resistant packaging.

    Best of all, affordability has been significantly increased without sacrificing quality. The SRX 800 is the latest standard on which to base your next telemetry project.

  • SRX 800
    • Reliable
      Lotek standard two-year warranty based on field-proven technology.
    • Versatile
      Manual tracking or autonomous datalogging for both “beeper” & coded transmitters.
    • Scalable
      Wide range of receiver configurations to meet application requirements and budgets.
    • High speed USB download
    • Integrated GPS
    • Simple HOST configuration
    • Remote upgrade ability


    • Species migration patterns
    • Presence/absence monitoring
    • Survival studies
    • Passage/guidance efficiency
    • Species interactions
    • Critical habitat use
  • General
    Size 8 x 21 x 25 cm
    Weight with batteries 2.2 Kg (including batteries)
    Six (6) primary alkaline (included) or rechargeable NIMC C-cells
    Operating Temperature Range -20° C to +55° C
    Operating Life to Battery Exchange 12 Hours (primary cells at 25° C)
    Memory/Record Storage Capacity 4 - 16 Mb (250K - 1M records)
    Display Data (mobile tracking mode) Frequency, code, signal strength, sensor data
    Operating Voltage Range 9 VDC
    Operating Frequency Range 8 or 26 MHz Band (within 138 - 218 MHz)
    Channel Spacing 1KHz
    Minimum discernible audio level sensitivity -150 dBm
    Minimum discernible software sensitivity -135 dBm
    Dynamic Gain Control Range 90 dB
    I/O RS-232 and USB
    Antennas 1 - 8
  • SRX 800
    • Manual included
    • AC adapter included
    • SRX Host software included
    • Lotek case and/or carry strap
    • 12V car and battery adapters
    • Antenna switch box sold separately
  • SRX 800

    SRX 800 product sheet

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