Biotrack CTx

Biotrack CTx

Find out more using our new tags with an onboard calendar to transmit on days you choose.

Great for:

  • Migration Connectivity studies
  • Breeding/Wintering site fidelity
  • Or any studies needing very small tags with longer life, where continuous tracking is not necessary

Migratory connectivity is the degree to which breeding and non-breeding populations of birds are linked to one another in both space and time, which is fundamental to other processes such as population dynamics, dispersal and colonisation. For more information see:

Customised to order - Options include:

  • Usual lifespan or range customisations
  • Side or end tubes for harness attachment
  • Extra protection & stronger antennas for greater durability
  • Teflon Ribbon harness material available

Options may increase weight, please contact us.

More information on the CTx Connectivity Tags

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