New - PinPoint GPS
New - PinPoint GPS

PinPoint GPS

Accurate, automated locations from just 1g tag weight – save on fieldwork time and effort, now for even smaller species.

Fully programmable schedule – you choose the days and times that locations are recorded.

User rechargeable for multiple deployments – more data for your budget.

Great for:

  • Much more accurate locations during migration
  • Habitat use (multiple deployments/PinPoint-50 model)
  • Home range (multiple deployments/PinPoint-50 model)

Still customised to order! Options include:

  • End tube for harness attachment
  • Extra protection for greater durability
  • VHF beacon (standard or CTx) to help locate tag after study
  • Teflon Ribbon harness material available

Options may increase weight, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

More information on the PinPoint GPS tags.


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